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About Us

Our motto is to plan your trip in such a way that you, at any point in time, do not have any discomfort. The reason that you approach us is that you trust us, and we maintain the transparency that is required. We plan your trip according to the budget that you have and also get the low-cost flight booking or discounts, whichever is available at that point in time.

Our purpose

Simple Things

Keeping the head high and maintaining the decency of being down to earth has always been our priority. This means we work for the traveller, for people like you who travel once or twice a year and want a well-planned trip with all the comfort.


Well, along with the excitement of visiting a new place, one more thing that stays in the nervousness of not knowing everything. Of being a stranger. But with us, we will make sure that your travel plans are safe.


It is important that we make ourselves clear and transparent. What do we do, and who do we talk to? How do we get the bookings? Everything is said and done right in front of you and without the use of any unfair means.

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Our experts work as your guide till the time you are not back from the trip because we know how secure it feels to have someone who knows the things professionally. Also, before we get the bookings done, we will talk to you and make a list of all the facilities that you would want to include in the flight while getting the bookings done.

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It’s important that you know everything about the place and travel policy before you begin with the vacation. There can be times when making a travel plan can be confusing. Which aviation company should you book your tickets with? What will be the cheapest price for the tickets? What should be the budget? What should be the travel policy that you take? These are some of the important questions that, when answered in the correct manner, will boost confidence.