How do I change my flight ticket date at Finnair?

How do I change my flight ticket date at Finnair

Problems are never known to tell, and we humans and human beings come across difficulties in our lives. If any unexplained pain has arrived in your life, and in the meantime, you have your flight ticket, then this question is bound to come to your mind. How do I change my flight ticket date at Finnair, then let’s know some interesting things about Finnair-So you do not need to worry: let us tell you about the process of how you can change your date.

How do I change my flight ticket date at Finnair

  • Open the Finnair website.
  • Login the page
  • First, go to the manage and booking page 
  • Chose your flight 
  • Fill in your details reservation number, name, id password
  • Choose your date 
  • When you want to travel, then click confirm button 
  • And submit the form 
  • After submission of your document, you get notified that your request has been accepted 

You can visit the website and learn how to change your date at Finnair; otherwise, call Finnair customer service number 1800 102 1233. First, we understand the process of flight 

changes and changing your date at Finnair. Now we see some essential facts about Finnair airline.

Finnair: Finnair is the oldest airline operating since 90 years ago. When he made a small, he grew into a big airline globally. It is the largest airline in Finland; its headquarter is in Helsinki, and its airport name is Helsinki airport. It is the central marketing and significant growth economy of the government of Finland. If you want more knowledge about Finnair, you can visit the website Here are all the essential facts about Finnair; now we will see the Finnair changed flight policy, so let us start-

Finnair gives you a facility you change your flight date many times without paying any cost. you need to follow some easy steps-

  • you may remember your booking date
  • You booked your ticket from the Finnair website or the Finnair app 
  • Then contact our Finnair customer service number 1800 102 1233
  • If you booked your ticket from any travel agency, then get there
  • The latest day for making changes depends on when you booked your original ticket:

Finland customer service

Buying or changing flight tickets or travel extras, timetables, prices, and product inquiries:

Phone: +358 300 871 160 In Finnish and Swedish: Mon–Fri 7 a.m.–6 p.m., Sat-Sun 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (Finnish time)

In English: 24h




 877 757 7143 (open Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–10 p.m., Sat–Sun 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (EST).

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